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Ekestrian Services

Register and Bid

For bidding you will first need to create your account You will then be asked for your credit card number which is 100% secure and is managed by the company MANGOPAY. Nothing will ever be charged from your account, only 200€ is temporary held for 1 to 7 days, depending on your banks processes. When your application is complete, you will be invited to activate your account by clicking on the link included in the confirmation email. The bidding buttons under the price of the horses indicate that the auction is open. You can bid by clicking on the button “bidding” or “+”. You can follow your bids and favorite lots by clicking on the button “my bids” at the top right corner of your screen.

Closing of the lots

An auction proposes several lots for sale. For each auction, a time limit is given. The closing of the lots will be done lot by lot, starting with lot 1. There is one minute between each lot. Time left is given by a timer. The 5-minute rule According to the auction laws, if someone bids with less than 5 minutes left on the timer, the time left to bid is automatically prolonged by 5 minutes. This is repeated upon each occurance.

Have you won an auction? Congratulations!

Have you won an auction? Congratulations! The fees are 11% of the auction price that is given without VAT. This means that you need to add 11% to the auction price plus the VAT to get the final price. Payment Lots have to be paid by bank transfer on the Auctioneer bank account. The IBAN is given at the bottom of your invoice. Documents You receive only an invoice and the vat check. Transfer of ownership and responsibility for the lots You will get the ownership of the lot immediately after you have won the auction, however, the Ekestrian breeders keep their insurance for their horse for 7 days so that you can insure it comfortably.

Insurance, Boarding & Transportation

Every horse selected for the Ekestrian Elite Auction are of high value and potential. This is why we advise you to insure your new horse/embryo. All Ekestrian clients get special offers from the insurance company Catherine de Buyl Horse Insurance SA. Your Insurance Contact is Mr. COFFIGNAL +32 69 77 94 20 Boarding Please refer to Article 10 of the “Rules and regulations document” Transportation Ekestrian helps you in finding the best solution and prices among its partners

Legal Status

The whole auction service offered by the operator of voluntary auction sales Ekestrian (agreement n° 101-2017) is regulated under the control of our auctioneer. Whereas you are a seller or buyer, the operator Ekestrian, declared to the French ‘Conseil des Ventes Volontaires'(Council for voluntary auction sales) and submitted to French auction laws, will ensure a high level of security regarding the payment of the price and the horses delivery. The operator Ekestrian is surrounded by specialists with a strong knowledge of the equine law and a great expertise that allow you to conclude your purchases and sales serenely. Your on-line application is managed by the secured payment service Mangopay which is a professional validation service of credit card imprint that belongs to the company Leetchi.

Placing a buy-order and brokers

If you are not available during the auction time and interested in one or several lots, please contact the Ekestrian team at this number: +33 6 86 49 60 06 so that your buy-order can be given to the licensed-auctioneer. You are a broker and one of your clients is interested in a lot? Please contact the Ekestrian team to register before the end of the auction: +33 6 86 49 60 06

Your stables are not in Europe?

Let yourself be seduced by the Ekestrian conciergerie: entrust us with your new purchase, foal, mare, 3-year-old horse, and we place it in one of our 5 * partner stables, until the desired age. Débourrage and valorization on the circuit young horses of the wished country.

A very thorough selection process: a team of experts

Ekestrian offers you an exceptional selection using the following criteria: genetics, quality of the damline, relevance of the crossbreeding, exceptional freejump quality, blood, model, gaits and rarity of the horse.

The most beautiful opportunities of Europe, before everyone else

Ekestrian scouts for you exceptional horses: the Ekestrian selections are 100% international and are made continuously throughout the year in order to detect the best opportunities for you, before everyone else

Unique selection