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Save the date ! 4th & 5th of June, 2019 : Exclusive online auction of Elevage Sainte Hermelle powered by Ekestrian

A 5* professional alliance

The Stud Sainte Hermelle chose Ekestrian to present in the auction 12 of its best 3, 4 & 5 yo as well as 2 foals with exceptional genetics for sport! Discover a unique catalog combining the savoir-faire of Elevage Sainte Hermelle and the 5* expertise of Ekestrian auctions.

Auction 100% online at

Elevage Sainte Hermelle : the house of champions!

Many times champion of Belgium in models and paces, the products of Sainte Hermelle are also presented on the French circuit for young horses where they perform like stars. Regularly ranked best breeder and owner at the finale in Fontainebleau over the past 10 years, Raymond Lefèvre, a true horseman and passionate breeder, continues to prove the quality of his breeding by the facts. Thanks to an unrelenting selection and improvement policy, Raymond Lefèvre has built an impressive track record, including:

  • Best breeder Selle Français 2008
  • Best owner 2009
  • 3rd breeder Selle Français 2012
  • Best owner 2013
  • 3rd breeder 2018
  • 2nd owner 2018
  • 10 young horses finalists in Fontainebleau in 2018!

Renown ambassadors

  • Anaya Ste Hermelle (Andiamo): Anaya won her 29th ranking class in April 2019 with top rider Pedro Veniss!
  • Citizenguard Toscan Ste Hermelle (Surcouf de Revel): he was for a while the star horse of Constant Van Paesschen. Toscan has won at the highest level and was named Horse of the Year 2014.
  • Eras Ste Hermelle (Vargas de Ste Hermelle): worthy son of Vargas and the champion Anaya, Eras is about to become one of the best stallion of his generation!
  • Vargas Ste Hermelle (Ogano Sitte) : thanks to the top quality of his production, Vargas was elected best producer of young horses as a percentage of births in Fontainebleau in 2017.

An overview of the auction catalog

From the amateur horse to the GP champion, get yourself a unique horse, bred for sport with exceptional genetic for breeding, proved on the field since 1977.

  • Stallion – 3yo - Vigo d’Arsouilles x Ujade Ste Hermelle (Diamant de Semilly)
    • Ujade herself ranked in CSI5* with the Mexican rider Alberto Michan. She is the sister of Anaya, riden by Pedro Veniss in CSI5* 1.50.
    • Ujade already produced Bingo Ste Hermelle, 3rd in CSI4*W 1.45
  • Mare – 3yo - Eras Ste Hermelle x Crazy Ste Hermelle (Nabab de Rêve)
    • Crazy is the niece of 9 horses all performing in 1.35/1.45 classes !
  • Mare – 3yo - Eras Ste Hermelle x Nancy (Hemmingway)
    • Nancy jumped herself in 1.40 classes and has produced in particular Chance Ste Hermelle CSI5* 1.60 with Michael MORRISSEY but also several horses performing in CSI 1.40 as well as a BWP approved stallion!
  • Filly – 2019 - Balou du Rouet x Phylisse de Ste Hermelle (Dollar de la Pierre)
    • Phylisse jumped herself in 1.30 classes and is the sister of 2 horses performing in CSI 1.50! 
    • Phylisse has produced Veneur Ste Hermelle performing in CSI1* 1.35.

You don’t want to miss those future stars!

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