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Elite Auction - Showjumping - Embryos, broodmares & foal

Auction: 11% of sales fees

Embryos, broodmares & foal

from October 25, 2022 at 11AM to October 26, 2022 at 9PM
(GMT +2h)

29 lots

(Lots close at October 26, 2022 at 9PM (GMT +2h) minute by minute)



Lot 1 - Implanted embryo

Chacco Blue out of a direct daughter of Usha van’t Roosakker!

Chacco Blue x Kannan


Lot 2 - Implanted embryo

Rare embryo out of Wabelle de Muze, ranked 1.50m, dam of 4 performers 1.45m to 1.50m,...

Heartbreaker x Nabab de Rêve


Lot 3 - Implanted embryo Female

Chacco Blue x Diarado x Nabab de Rêve out of a daughter of Merveille de Muze CSI...

Chacco Blue x Diarado


Lot 4 - Implanted embryo Female

Rare female out of Fa-Belle van’t Roosakker, ranked in CSI4* 1.50m, dam of Kendy...

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Eurocommerce Berlin


Lot 5 - Implanted embryo

3/4 brother/sister of Levis de Muze out of Nimrod de Muze's sister (Herning 2022)...

Elvis ter Putte x Nabab de Rêve


Lot 6 - Implanted embryo

Brother/sister of H&M Chacco Dia, CSI5* 1.60m and clear in CSIO5* 1.55m with M. Baryard-Johnsson...

Emerald x Chacco Blue


Lot 7 - Implanted embryo

Rare embryo out of Elaba de Laubry (Chin Chin) 1.50m, dam of Isabeau de Laubry winner...

Mosito van het Hellehof x Chin Chin


Lot 8 - Implanted embryo Female

Female out of the direct damline of Exquis Walnut de Muze and Qerly Chin! By Vagabond...

Vagabond de la Pomme x Elvis ter Putte


Lot 9 - Implanted embryo

Clinton's rare direct damline (Stamm 8829)! Embryo brother/sister of Caro W Grand...

Glasgow van't Merelsnest x Aragorn


Lot 10 - Implanted embryo Female

Balou du Reventon x Goldika de Laubry, CSI 1.50m, sister of 9 performers 1.45m to...

Balou du Reventon alias C... x Indorado


Lot 11 - Implanted embryo Male

Fanny du Murier’s damline, dam of Rahotep de Toscane! Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve x Comme...

Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Comme Il Faut


Lot 12 - Implanted embryo Female

Heartbreaker x Vigo d’Arsouilles x Chin Chin out of Ta Belle van Sombeke’s daughter,...

Heartbreaker x Vigo d'Arsouilles


Lot 13 - Implanted embryo

Cumano out of Al Ain FBH, CSI 1.40m and full sister of Romeo 88, Tokyo 2021 with...

Cumano x Contact vd Heffinck


Lot 14 - Implanted embryo

Brother/sister of 3 performers 1.55m to 1.60m, out of Emerald x Skippy II, out of...

Emerald x Skippy II


Lot 15 - Implanted embryo

Balou du Reventon out of Yuri Mansur’s star, Babylotte, winner in CSIO5* 1.60m!

Balou du Reventon alias C... x Dollar du Mûrier


Lot 16 - Implanted embryo

Rare embryo out of the full sister of Viking d'la Rousserie, winner in CSI5* 1.60m...

Casallo Z x Quaprice Bois Margot


Lot 17 - Implanted embryo

Ugano Sitte, Ogano Sitte and Aganix du Seigneur's damline! By Chacco Blue x Elyria...

Chacco Blue x Ogano Sitte


Lot 18 - Implanted embryo

Rare damline of Cordula de Laubry! Chacco Blue out of the first daughter of Malissa...

Chacco Blue x Eames de Muze


Lot 20 - Foal Male

Grandson of Panama du Seigneur, by Comme Il Faut x Kassander van't Roosakker x Darco...

Comme Il Faut x Kassander van't Roosakker


Lot 26 - Broodmare

Rare! Direct daughter of the amazing Fragance de Chalus, already granddam of an approved...

Jarnac de la Bonette x Jalisco B


Lot 27 - Broodmare in foal

Rare broodmare in foal to Big Star! Sister of 3 performers 1.60m including Quilando...

Cabachon x Landadel


Lot 31 - Frozen embryo

Chacco Blue x Carthago, embryo brother/sister of Born to Be Picobello 7rd in CSI5*...

Chacco Blue x Carthago Z


Lot 32 - Frozen embryo

Damline of the Olympic finalist Chanyon! Cornet Obolensky x Chacco Blue, out of the...

Cornet Obolensky (alias W... x Chacco Blue


Lot 33 - Frozen embryo

Lot of 2 frozen embryos from Hickstead’s damline! Diamant de Sémilly out of Admara...

Diamant de Sémilly x Hamlet


Lot 34 - Frozen embryo

Darco out of Qerly Chin and Narcotique de Muze IV’s direct damline! Out of the sister...

Darco x Nixon van't Meulenhof


Lot 35 - Frozen embryo

Emerald out of the sister of 3 performers 1.50m-1.60m! Damline of the stallion and...

Emerald x Stakkato


Lot 36 - Frozen embryo

Chacco Blue x Stakkato x Carthago, out of Eclisse della Monica, 1.45m and sister...

Chacco Blue x Stakkato


Lot 37 - Frozen embryo

Baloubet du Rouet x Carynia, clear in CSI 1.60m, dam of Diamant CSI 1.45m and sister...

Baloubet du Rouet x Cardento


Lot 38 - Frozen embryo

Comme Il Faut avec Givenchy 1.35m et fille de Cacharel, 2ème en CSIO5* 1.60m ! Lignée...

Comme Il Faut x Hamlet

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