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Triomphe de Muze, approved stallion for BWP, NRPS, SF, SBS, jumped in Grand Prix 1.60m, sire of 10 performers 1.60m, brother of Tottori de Muze ranked in CSI5* 1.60m, by Chin Chin x Galoubet, damline of Ifrane X ! With 500 frozen straws

Chin Chin X Galoubet A


Lot 1 Stallion

Chin Chin X Galoubet A Triomphe de Muze, approved stallion for BWP, NRPS, SF, SBS, jumped...


Chin Chin

Chin Chin (1978, par Constant) is a leading stallion who sired a great amount of international winners, and who took part to the prestige of european breeding.

He is the sire of the following famous mares known as the best lines for high level showjumping:

  • Qerly Chin, dam of Narcotique de Muze I and II (1.60m), Merveille de Muze (1.60m), Walloon de Muze (1.60m), Exquis Walnut de Muze (1.60m), etc.
  • Usha van’t Roosakker, dam of Cella (1.60m), Babbe Van’t Roosakker (1.60m), Equador van’t Roosakker (1.60m), Emperio van’t Roosakker (1.60m), etc.
  • Tabelle van Sombeke, 1.60m* and dam of Quasibelle du Seigneur (1.60m), Glock’s London (1.60m), Casimir de la Pomme (1.60m), Golden Hawk (1.60m) etc.

He also sired the following famous jumpers :

  • Arezzo VDL (2005) CSI5* 1.60m with Jessica Kürten
  • Fox Trot vd Padenborre (2005) CSIO5* 1.60m for Brazil
  • AD Zarisma (2004) World Cup 1.60m
  • Eureka van’t Roosakker (2004) ranked in CSI5* 1.60m with Maikel van der Vleuten
  • Gin Chin van het Lindenhof (2006) took part to the 2019 European Championships with Geir Gulliksen
  • Ferro Chin van het Lindenhof (2005) CSI5* 1.60m with Rodrigo Pessoa
  • Zelote VDL (2004) CSI 1.60m
  • Riot Gun vd Padenborre (1994) 1.60m*
  • Triomphe de Muze (1996) 1.50m*

Dam I

Caprice d'Ifrane

Caprice d’Ifrane (1990, by Galoubet A) is the dam of :

  • Tottori de Muze (1996, by Cash) see above
  • Triomphe de Muze (1996, by Chin Chin) see above
  • Roetnik de Muze (1994, by Quidam de Revel) see above
  • Natasha (2001, by Quidam de Revel) see above
  • Ivresse de Gamet (1996, by Vetiver de Gamet), see above
  • Vahiné de Muze (1998, by Canaletto), see above
  • Quaprice For Ever (2004, by Quidam de Revel) see above
  • Shabanoe (1995, by Nabab de Rêve) see above
  • Tzigane de Muze (1996, by Chin Chin) see above
  • Wapiti de Muze (1999, by Nabab de Rêve) see above
  • Millenium Blue (2000, by Mr. Blue) see above
  • Paup Star (2003, by Quick Star) see above
  • Torna d’O (1996, by Nabab de Rêve) see above

Caprice is the full sister of Ifrane Chalusse (1991, by Galoubet A), dam of :

  • Mure du Fraigneau (2000, by Narcos II) CSI 1.40m
  • Lumière du Fraigneau (1999, by Narcos II) Grand Prix 1.40m
  • Myrtille du Fraigneau (2000, by Narcos II) Grand Prix 1.30m

Caprice is also the sister of :

  • Nifrane (1979, by Fury de la Cense), dam of :
    • Fragrance de Chalus (1993, by Jalisco B), winner 1.40m and known as one of the best dam of her generation,  dam of numerous international horses, including :
      • MYLORD CARTHAGO (2000 by Carthago Z), international great winner in CSIO5* with Pénélope Leprévost.
      • Norton d'Eole (2001, by Cento), ISO 163, ranked 1.55m, jumped CSI4* 1.60m with Eric DEWULF
      • Hugh Grant De Muze (2007 by Shindler de Muze), ISO 149, jumped CSI3* 1.50m with Frédéric BOUVARD
      • Bamako de Muze (2001, by Darco), CSI5*-W with Karline DE BRABANDER
      • Jolly Mome (1997 by Darco), jumped CSI5* 1.50m with Cara RAETHER
      • Vodka Orange de Muze (1998 by Darco), CSI4*-W 1.50m and dam of :
        • Sandor de la Pomme (2002, by Vigo d'Arsouilles), ranked 1.60m with McLain Ward
        • Elouise de Muze (2004, by Nabab de Rêve), ranked 1.55m, jumped 1.60m
      • Jolly Girl de Kervec (1997 by Darco), winner in 1.40m ISO 153, dam of
        • Queen Girl Kervec (2004 by Diamant de Sémilly) winner in GP 1.55m, ranked 1.60m with Julien GONIN
        • Uto Kervec (2008, by Diamant de Sémilly), jumped CSI5* 1.55m
      • Iorio (2008, by Shindler de Muze) jumped until 1.50m with Aldrick CHERONNET
      • Arc en Ciel de Muze (2000 by Rubens du Ri d'Asse), jumped CSI5*-GTC 1.55m 
      •  Valentine de l'Imperméable, dam of Ego Van Orti (2004, by Vigo d'Arsouilles), ranked 1.60m with Alberto Zorzi and Edwina Tops-Alexander
      • Urline de Muze (1997 by Cash), dam of Ad A Big Boy (2000, by Kannan) ranked CSI 1.60m 
      • Nimfe de la Pomme (2001, by For Pleasure), dam of :
        • Tintin de la Pomme (2007, by Diamant de Semilly) jumped CSI4* 1.60m
        • Twister de la Pomme (2007, by Darco) jumped 1.60m
        • Just An Hero (2009, by Erco Van't Roosakker) jumped 1.55m
      • Mifrane Manciaise (2000, by Power Light), dam of Theodore Manciais (2007, by Kashmir van Schuttershof) clear in CSI5* 1.60m with Spencer Smith
      • Quaranca de Muze (2000, by Nabab de Rêve), dam of :
        • Jaguar VD Berghoeve (2009, by Emerald), ranked 1.50m, jumped until 1.60m, jumped during the Tryon WEG ridden by Jasmine CHEN
    • Lord If de Chalusse (1999, by If de Merze) ranked 1.60m
    • Jifrane de Chalusse (1997, by Papillon Rouge) dam of :
      • Nifrane de Kreisker (2001, by Equest Carnute) ranked CSI5* 1.60m with Roger-Yves BOST
      • Quilano de Kreisker (2004, by Kannan) ranked 1.50m
      • Newton de Kreisker (2001, by Diamant de Sémilly) jumped CSI 1.45m
    • Malice de Chalusse, dam of Quartz de Nantuel (2004, by Diamant de Sémilly), jumped 1.45m
  • Baie d’Ifrane (1989, by J’t’adore), dam of :
    • Peps de Chalusse (2003, by Calvaro Z) CSI 1.55m
    • Obscur de Chalusse (2002, by Diamant de Sémilly) Grand Prix CSI 1.45m
    • Bergam Villa Rose (2011, by Kannan GFE) clear CSI 1.40m
  • Jacote de Chalusse (1997, by Fast X), dam of :
    • Venus de Chalusse (2009, by Tinka’s Boy) ranked in CSI 1.40m
    • Uppercut de Chalusse (2008, by Arioso du Theillet) CSI 1.30m-1.35m
    • Royal de Chalusse (2005, by Diamant de Sémilly) CSI 1.35m
  • Vanifrane Chalusse (1987, by Fury de la Cense), dam of :
    • Dody de Chalusse (1991, by Galoubet A) 1.50m*
    • Suzy de Chalusse (2006, by Fakir de Kreisker) CSI 1.35m

Dam II


Ifrane (1974, by Château du Diable) is the unique daughter of Oita (1958, by Cidre Mousseux).

Considered as the founder mare of one of the best French damlines, Ifrane is the dam of :

  • Nifrane (1979,by Fury de la Cense) see above
  • Morgat (1978, by Drapeau Rouge) see above
  • Vanifrane Chalusse (1987, by Fury de la Cense) see above
  • Baie d’Ifrane (1989, by J’T’Adore) see above
  • Caprice d’Ifrane (1990, by Galoubet A) see above
  • D’Ifrane Chalusse (1991, by Galoubet A) see above
  • Jacote de Chalusse (1997, by Fast) see above

*Horsetelex data


Oita X

Oita X (1958, by Cidre Mousseux) is the dam of :

  • Ifrane X (1974, by Chateau du Diable) see above

Oita is the sister of :

  • Urania X (1964, by Matador X), dam of :
    • Jessica D (1975, by Alme) 1.40m*

* Horsetelex data

Dam IV

Raita II X








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January 1, 1996

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