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Your next Vanity Fair? Champion of the 2018 Hanoverian Elite Mare Show in Verden and 4th at the Bundeschampionat 2019, with Valdiviani!

Valdiviani X Sandro Hit


Lot 2 Foal Female

Valdiviani X Sandro Hit Your next Vanity Fair? Champion of the 2018 Hanoverian Elite...



Valdiviani (Veneno HC  X Fidertanz)

HANN, 2016, BROWN, 169 cm

Extremely strong in movement, endowed with a lot of spirit, Valdiviani, by Veneno out of a dam by Fidertanz, presented himself to the Hanoverian licensing in 2018 and left Verden as a premium stallion. In 2019, Valdiviani completed his 14-day test in Neustadt (Dosse) with his best marks of 9.50 for character/temperament and 9.00 for willingness to perform.

At the beginning of February 2020, Valdiviani passed the sports test for approved stallions in Münster-Handorf and finished it with the final mark of 8.27, the fifth best mark of the 18 stallion test. His individual scores: trot 8.70, canter 8.40, walk 7.70, rideability 8.20 and overall impression 8.50.

His sire Veneno (Vitalis - Diamond Hit), has attracted attention not only through his sporting success in the large dressage arena, but also through his very talented offspring - in the meantime, six of his sons have been licensed.

With Escolar, Valdiviani's dam Fairlight R.B. produced a very talented mare who, like her brother Valdiviani, is now being prepared in Isabell Werth's stable.

The dam's sire, Fidertanz, has 54 licensed sons, 574 registered broodmares, 104 state premium mares, 1320 registered sporting offspring, of which 128 in advanced dressage (S).

The best genetics on the sire's and dam's side have created this very talented young Valdiviani, from whom a lot can still be expected in breeding and sport. His first foal production, which will be born this year, is particularly awaited.


Dam I

Sugar Pearl SN

Sugar Pearl SN (2003, by Sandro Hit  X Weinzauber, WESTF

Sugar Pearl SN is the dam of: 

  • Vanity Fair (2015, Vivaldi) Hann. Prämien Anwärterin, 4th at the Bundeschampionat 2019 for mares and geldings with 8.4 (8.5 for trot, 8.5 for canter, 8 for walk, 9 for rideability and 8 for general impression) under Carlos Caetano’s saddle. Vanity Fair was named the champion of the 2018 Hanoverian Elite Mare Show in Verden, Germany. 
    Vanity Fair was named the champion of the 2018 Hanoverian Elite Mare Show in Verden, Germany. 
  • Dahlia (2009, Damon Hill) Prix St Georg  under Allison Gerlt’s saddle with over 65%. 
  • Der Zauberer (2010, Damon Hill) Sold 400.000 euros at the PSI auction in 2014
  • Vogue, (2020, Valdiviani), Lot 2, Ekestrian Online Auction July 2020.  " Vogue, noble and maybe a little shy, she cleverly pulls everyone under her spell " - Matthias Fieseler - Rhenania Horses

Dam II


Weinperle (1998, by Weinzauber X Parademarsch, WESTF)

Weineperl is the sister of: 

  • Flammengold (1994, Florestan I) Approved stallion
  • Freestyle (1996, Florestan I) Approved stallion OLDBG, Prix St Georg. In its 100-day test in Prussendorf, Freestyle scored a perfect 10 for character and 9 for temperament, 9.3 for rideability and won the test. 
  • Rubin Paloma SN (2002, Rubin Star N) Verbandsprämie, qui a notamment produit: 
    • Smaragd 73 (2010, Sir Donnerhall I) Prix St Georg, monté par Fabia Stonjek

Weinperle a notamment produit : 

  • Sugar Pearl SN (2003, Sandro Hit) see above



Paloma (19990, by Parademarsch X Perlkoening I, HESS

Paloma is the full sister of:

  • Patrizia (1992, Parademarsch) Patrizia was the best mare in Hessen in 1997 and is the dam of: 
    • Don Patrizier (1999, Davignon I) Z2-drs
    • Sinizia (2006, Sir Donnerhall I) Staatsprämie, B-drs
    • Sallyzia II (2004, Sandro Hit) Verbandsprämie, dam of: 
      • Dragon Hill (2011, Damon Hill) Approved stallion Premium HANN, OLDBG, RHEIN, … Dragon Hill finished his 70-day test in Schlieckau with a final score of 8.48 for the dressage part as the best candidate in the group. He received the maximum score of 10.0 for his ease under saddle and his morphology. Dragon Hill took part in four dressage events and won them all! In 2015, Dragon Hill has produced a remarkable first generation of foals in Germany and Denmark with numerous award-winning foals.
  • Primavera (1997, Parademarsch) Verbandsprämie, finished second of the 2 year old mares at Asfeld. 

Paloma is the sister of: 

  • Parodie (1990, Polydor), dam of: 
    • Zypria (1999, Zeus), dam of:
      • Cornetto King (2003, Cornet Obolensky) Approved stallion, 1.55m*

Paloma is the dam of: 

  • Weinperle (1998, Weinzauber) see above 
  • Flammengold (1994, Florestan I) see above
  • Freestyle (1996, Florestan I) see above
  • Rubin Paloma SN (2002, Rubin Star N) see above

Dam IV


Piroschka (1980, by Perlkoening I X Romulus I, WESTF

Piroschka is the full sister of:

  • Peggy (1975, Perlkoening I) Staatsprämie, B-drs, dam of: 
    • Pazifik (1980, Parvenu) Approved stallionn RHEIN, HANN, WESTF
    • Freudentanz (1983, Furehlingsstern) Approved Stallion RHEIN
    • Paretti (1989, Paramarsch I) Approved stallion RHEIN, WESTF
    • Francis (1987, Francisco I) Verpandsprämie, dam of: 
      • Ulysses (1991, Upan la Jarthe X) Approved stallion 
      • Ricci (1998, Raphael) Staatsprämie, B-drs
    • Fleurette (1988, Fransisco I) Verbandsprämie, dam of: 
      • Agrippa 4 (2001, Apreggio) CSI 1.40


Piroschka is the sister of:

  • Walesca (1981, Wunderlich) dam of: 
    • Florina (1991, Florestan I) dam of: 
      • Falcone (1995, Ferragamo) Approved stallion  WESTF
  • D’amoure (1983, Disco-Star) Hauptstutbuch, dam of: 
    • Akitan (1988, Akitos XX) Approved stallion WESTF
  • Sylvana (1977, Silvester) dam of: 
    • Fleur de Marie (1988, Fittipaldi) dam of
      • Rosentaenzer (1992, Royal Angelo I) Approved stallion WESTF
  • Dira (1985, Disco-Star) Staatsprämie, dam of:
    • Finet (1989, Francisco I) Hauptstutbuch, dam of: 
      • Languedoc (2003, Laomedon) Winner CDI3* Grand Prix under Kristian Von Krusentierna’s saddle with over 72% and CDI-W withh over 72%. Winner in CDI YR  under Lina Dolk’s saddle with over 73%. Languedoc participated at the 2018 European Championship at Fontainebleau and finished 6th of the team test with over 72,5%. 


Piroschka is the dam of: 

  • Paloma (19990, Parademarsch) see above
  • Patrizia (1992, Parademarsch) see above
  • Primavera (1997, Parademarsch) see above
  • Parodie (1990, Polydor) see above

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Date of birth

April 30, 2020

Localisation / Location Rhénanie-du-Nord-Westphalie - Allemagne / North Rhine-Westphalia - Germany
Vendeur professionnel allemand / German professional seller
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