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Adriana van Tilburg

Echo van’t Spieveld

The BWP breeding have a lot of treasures one of those is the now gelding Echo van’t Spieveld (Heartbreaker – Tequila van Spieveld x Capital, breeder: Andre Vercauteren). In the third generation he has one of Belgium’s foundation sires in the pedigree, Lys de Darmen. Echo van’t Spieveld is bred by Dany Van Lombergen, Marc Kluskens and Rony Thys after they have leased the mare for breeding from family Vercauteren.

Echo van’t Spieveld is BWP approved and rewarded as Elite stallion. He jumped at 1.60m under the saddle of Niels Bruynseels and Victoria Colvin.

The dam of Echo van’t Spieveld also produced the 1.60m jumping horses; Amber van Spieveld (Nabab de Reve), Casper van Spieveld (Mr. Blue), Gentille van Spieveld (Heartbreaker) and the 1.50m jumping horse Izeaux van Spieveld (Deauville van T&L).

In 2014, he had an inguinal hernia and he had to be castrated, fortunately there is still enough frozen semen available. Echo van ‘t Spieveld has produced seven horses so far that are jumping 1.55m and higher, including: Kaprice van ‘t Roosaskker (out of Electra van ‘t Roosakker by Carthago, breeder: Marc Kluskens) under the saddle of Kent Farrington and Jivaro Imperio Egipcio (out of Geena van ‘t Roosakker by Darco, breeder: Rony Thys) under the saddle of Francisco José Mesquita.

Echo van’t Spieveld played quite a role in the offspring of the van’t Roosakker breeding. If we check the group that jump at 1.45m and 1.50m horses we find six horses that are coming out of this breeding. Five of them are coming directing out of the Usha van ‘t Roosakker damline.

For example VDL Groep Elegant Hero Z (Echo van’t Spieveld – Hiamant van ’t Roosakker x Diamant de Semilly, breeder: Luc Henry) who is jumping 1.45m under the saddle of Leopold van Asten. In the section of 1.30m to 1.40m horses he has 62 offspring.
There are six offspring that are representing the van ‘t Roosakker breeding and eight offspring are representing the vd Bisschop breeding. This includes the AES approved stallion Kassander van’t Roosakker (out of Electra van‘t Roosakker x Carthago, breeder: Marc Kluskens) who jumped 1.40m and the BWP approved stallion Nector vd Bisschop (out of Kelly vd Bisschop by Darco, breeder: Stal den Bisschop) who also jumped 1.40m.

The gelding Kerswin van ‘t Roosakker (Echo van‘t Spieveld - Hiamant van ’t Roosakker x Diamant de Semilly, breeder: Marc Kluskens) became as a five year old World Champion of the FEI / WBFSH Jumping  World Breeding Championships for Young Horses. The full sister of Jivaro Imperio Egipcio ,Mystic van ‘t Hoogeinde,  became last year World Champion as a six year old at the FEI / WBFSH Jumping World Breeding Championships for Young Horses. 

I asked Boudewijn Schepers for more information. Boudewijn has been on the stallion selection committee for 18 years for the BWP stallion approvals and is already about 40 years passionate about the BWP breeding.
He says:


“Echo van’t Spieveld is really a very interesting horse and it was really sad that he got an inguinal hernia. He comes from an outstanding damline and the sport is really solid through the generations. Plus the line is also known for the willingness to perform. It is incredible how the mother produced. He was also a really good free jumper during his approvals, he had a good technique and showed scope. It is very interesting that Echo van’t Spieveld has Lys de Darmen and Lugano van la Roche in the damline. Lys de Darmen worked really well in the damline. He already jumped very well as a four or five year old at a show in Lummen and breeders used him because he really showed quality. He was very careful and jumped with a lot of technique.

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